Miguel Ruivo

In over 40 years dedicated to the sport, Miguel has a unique career in Portugal as an athlete, coach and manager, with several national championship titles in Surf and Longboard.
With experience of many years as National Surf Coach, since he led Portugal to the first title of the Portuguese Surfing Federation history, Miguel founded the first Surf School in Portugal now dedicated to teach exclusively in Ericeira.


Raised in the core of a surfing family, José could stand on a board before he could swim.
As a sun of a surfing coach, it is no surprise that he found happiness spending his days in the water, working hard with his best mates, to pass on the knowledge to anyone keen enough to paddle out with him.


Moulded and shaped by the South Pacific Ocean, along the East coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Rory was in search of warmer waters and barrels. Thus how he wound up here in Ericeira with nothing but a 2mm wetsuit and 1 surfboard. Rory has come a long way and now has a 4/3mm wetsuit and 4 surfboards! To quote Rory “All the necessities and the luxuries I could ever want”.


Born and raised on Mexican shores, brought up by a Man who chose to escape the Vietnam war in chase of a surfing lifestyle on hawaii. With a surfing background in his veins Patrick moved to Portugal because of love, although his relationship didn’t go as planned he built a new relationship with Portuguese waves. He enjoys the smiles on the faces of people catching their first waves, and he is happy to be a part of someones new found love for surfing.

Miguel JR

Miguel Junior is a dedicated surfer and barrel chaser, with a special talent for surf teaching.
With a solid back ground on Surfing and Jiujitsu, which he has practiced for many years, Miguel is now sharing his time between College and Surf teaching, and joins us on weekends and holidays.


Gabriel was born surrounded by dry land in the middle of Brazil, in the city of Brasília. By the age of 10yo he moved to Florianópolis with his mom, a beautiful island on the south of Brazil. Now surrounded by water all around, he started surfing and fell in love with the sport. When he was 19, feeling the pressure of sitting in an office for the rest of his life, he decided to drop college and abandon the engineering career in order to pursue the professional surfing dream. In that moment his life completely shifted and the path of self knowledge became his new north in life. After a couple trips to India in 2017, he then traveled to Europe and amongst the countries he visited, he decided to call Portugal home. Now he makes a living off teaching people how to surf, the sport which has already taught him so much!

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